Episode List Seasons 1-6

Episode List Seasons 7-9


    #   Guest Name
  Guest Description
  Panel Topic
  Guest Geek(s)
  Season Six – 2015 (produced for Wired.com):
   182   Fred Nadis              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of The Man from Mars: Ray Palmer’s Amazing Pulp Journey
   181   Bill McGoldrick              Listen at Wired.com
  Syfy Head of Original Programming
   180   Syfy’s The Expanse              Listen at Wired.com
  Andrew Liptak, Justin Landon, Liz Shannon Miller
   179   The Man in the High Castle              Listen at Wired.com
  Laura Miller, John Kessel
   178   Star Trek Wish List              Listen at Wired.com
  Keith DeCandido, Rafael Jordan, John Joseph Adams
   177   Best American SF and Fantasy              Listen at Wired.com
  Joe Hill, Seanan McGuire, Carmen Machado, Jess Row, John Joseph Adams
   176   William Shunn              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of The Accidental Terrorist
   175   David Mitchell              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of The Bone Clocks and Slade House
   174   Halloween Horror              Listen at Wired.com
  Lisa Morton, John Skipp, John Langan
   173   Queers Destroy Horror              Listen at Wired.com
  Wendy Wagner, Craig Gidney, Alyssa Wong
   172   Jewish Science Fiction              Listen at Wired.com
  Jack Dann, Rachel Swirsky, Matthew Kressel
   171   David Wong              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits
   170   History of Dungeons and Dragons              Listen at Wired.com
  David Ewalt, Michael Witwer
   169   Andy Weir              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of The Martian
   168   The New Star Wars Canon              Listen at Wired.com
  Chuck Wendig, Alexandra Bracken
   167   Killjoys and Dark Matter              Listen at Wired.com
  Andrew Liptak, Rafael Jordan
   166   J. Michael Straczynski              Listen at Wired.com
  Creator of Babylon 5 and co-creator of Sense8
   165   N.K. Jemisin              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of The Fifth Season
   164   Gary Whitta              Listen at Wired.com
  Writer of The Book of Eli and author of Abomination
   163   Video Games in Books and Movies              Listen at Wired.com
  Chris Avellone, Micky Neilson, Daniel H. Wilson, John Joseph Adams
   162   Pixel Art              Listen at Wired.com
  Mark Ferrari, Michael B. Myers Jr, Blake Reynolds
   161   The Law of Superheroes              Listen at Wired.com
  James Daily, Brad Desnoyer
   160   Wesley Chu              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of The Lives of Tao and Time Salvager
   159   Jason Blum              Listen at Wired.com
  Producer of Paranormal Activity, The Purge, Sinister, and Insidious
   158   Ernest Cline              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of Ready Player One and Armada
   157   Sense8              Listen at Wired.com
  Tobias Buckell, Sam J. Miller, John Joseph Adams
   156   Hannibal TV Show Review              Listen at Wired.com
  Theresa DeLucci, Kat Howard, John Joseph Adams
   155   Jurassic World and Dinosaurs in SF              Listen at Wired.com
  Genevieve Valentine, Christopher Cevasco, Seth Dickinson
   154   Ashlee Vance              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future
   153   Black Mirror              Listen at Wired.com
  Grady Hendrix, Theresa DeLucci, Sunil Patel
   152   Mad Max: Fury Road              Listen at Wired.com
  Carrie Vaughn, Hugh Howey, John Joseph Adams
   151   Clive Barker              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of The Scarlet Gospels
   150   Malcolm Gladwell              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of David and Goliath
   149   Jon Ronson              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed
   148   Ken Liu              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of The Grace of Kings
   147   Alex Gardland              Listen at Wired.com
  Director of Ex Machina
   146   Game of Thrones Spoilers              Listen at Wired.com
  John Joseph Adam, Douglas Cohen, Chris Cevasco, Andrea Kail
   145   Kazuo Ishiguro              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of The Buried Giant
   144   Science Fiction Bookstores              Listen at Wired.com
  Alan Beatts and Cici James
   143   Military Fantasy              Listen at Wired.com
  Myke Cole and Weston Ochse
   142   Marc Goodman              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of Future Crimes
   141   Michael Shermer              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of The Moral Arc
   140   Terri Tatchell              Listen at Wired.com
  Co-writer of District 9 and Chappie
   139   Amanda Palmer              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of The Art of Asking
   138   Jupiter Ascending Debate              Listen at Wired.com
  Angela Watercutter, Matt London, Rob Bland, John Joseph Adams
   137   Horror Podcasting              Listen at Wired.com
  Kc Wayland and David Cummings
   136   Kelly Link              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of Get In Trouble
   135   Glen Berger              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of Song of Spider-Man
   134   Writing Workshops              Listen at Wired.com
  Jeanne Cavelos and Jilly Dreadful
   133   Queers Destroy Science Fiction              Listen at Wired.com
  Seanan McGuire and Steve Berman
   132   James Morrow              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of Galapagos Regained
   131   Walter Isaacson              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of Steve Jobs and The Innovators
  Season Five – 2014 (produced for Wired.com):
   130   Exodus Movie Review              Listen at Wired.com
  Robert M. Price and Richard Carrier
   129   Naomi Klein              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of This Changes Everything and The Shock Doctrine
   128   Chris Williams              Listen at Wired.com
  Director of Big Hero 6
   127   Big Hero 6 vs. Interstellar              Listen at Wired.com
  Carrie Vaughn, Rob Bland, John Joseph Adams
   126   The Business of Star Wars              Listen at Wired.com
  Chris Taylor and Brian Stillman
   125   David Cronenberg              Listen at Wired.com
  Director of Videodrome, The Fly, eXistenZ, and A History of Violence
   124   John Cleese              Listen at Wired.com
  Writer, Actor, and member of Monty Python
   123   Women in Fantasy and Horror              Listen at Wired.com
  Ellen Datlow, Cat Rambo, John Joseph Adams
   122   Patrick Rothfuss              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of The Kingkiller Chronicle
   121   Haunted Houses              Listen at Wired.com
  Lauren Beukes, John Langan, Grady Hendrix
   120   Ann Leckie              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of Ancillary Justice
   119   Constructed Languages              Listen at Wired.com
  David J. Peterson and Lawrence M. Schoen
   118   David X. Cohen              Listen at Wired.com
  Head writer on Futurama
   117   Kim Harrison              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of the Hollows series
  Extreme Weather
  Paolo Bacigalupi, Ramez Naam, Tobias Buckell
   116   Steven Gould              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of Jumper
  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  Alison Haislip, Matt London, David Wexler
   115   Nick Harkaway              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of the The Gone-Away World and Tigerman
  Guardians of the Galaxy
  Matt London, Rob Bland, John Joseph Adams
   114   Charles Stross              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of the Laundry Files series
  The Nintendo Entertainment System
  Alison Haislip, Blake J. Harris, John Joseph Adams
   113   James S. A. Corey              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of the Expanse series
  Game of Thrones Season 4
  John Joseph Adams, Doug Cohen, Theresa DeLucci
   112   Diana Gabaldon              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of the Outlander series
  Women Destroy Science Fiction
  John Joseph Adams, Christie Yant, Wendy Wagner
   111   Lawrence Krauss              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of The Physics of Star Trek and star of The Unbelievers
  Being an Atheist Writer
  James Morrow and Tobias Buckell
   110   Cecil Baldwin              Listen at Wired.com
  Actor and narrator of the Welcome to Night Vale podcast
  Assholes & Trolls
  Aaron James and John Joseph Adams
   109   Mary Robinette Kowal              Listen at Wired.com
  Puppeteer and author of the Glamourist Histories novel series
  Weird Western Books & Comics
  John Joseph Adams, Fred Van Lente, Rajan Khanna
   108   Christopher Moore              Listen at Wired.com
  Bestselling humor novelist
  Noah Movie Review
  Robert M. Price and Richard Carrier
   107   Elizabeth Bear              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of the Eternal Sky Trilogy
  Robot Uprisings
  John Joseph Adams and Daniel H. Wilson
   106   Karl Schroeder              Listen at Wired.com
  Hard science fiction author and futurist
  Ender’s Game and Philosophy
  D.E. Wittkower and Ashley Shew
   105   Richard Garriott              Listen at Wired.com
  Creator of the Ultima computer games
  Dungeons and Dragons Novels
  James Sutter and Wendy Wagner
   104   Michio Kaku              Listen at Wired.com
  Physicist and futurist
  John Joseph Adams Returns
  John Joseph Adams and Joe Monti
   103   Jeff VanderMeer              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of Finch and Annihilation
  Dating for Geeks
  Eric Smith, Bones Rodriguez, Marjorie Liu
   102   Scott Sigler              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of Infected and Pandemic
  P.W. Singer and Myke Cole
   101   Joe Haldeman              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of The Forever War and Work Done for Hire
  Writers as Characters
  John Langan and Kat Howard
  Season Four – 2013 (produced for Wired.com):
   100   Chris Hadfield              Listen at Wired.com
  Astronaut and YouTube sensation
  Geek’s Guide Retrospective
  Matt London
    99   Dean Koontz              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of over a dozen #1 New York Times bestsellers
  Subterranean Horrors
  John Langan and Grady Hendrix
    98   Doug Dorst              Listen at Wired.com
  Co-author with J.J. Abrams on the mysterious novel S.
  Junot Diaz Chat
  Junot Diaz and Tobias Buckell
    97   Allie Brosh              Listen at Wired.com
  Creator of the webcomic Hyperbole and a Half
  Comic Strips
  David Malki
    96   Dan Simmons              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of Hyperion and The Terror
  Sex in Horror
  Grady Hendrix and Jaym Gates
    95   Scott Lynch              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of The Lies of Locke Lamora
  Epic Fantasy Series
  Douglas Cohen and Rajan Khanna
    94   Margaret Atwood              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of The Handmaid’s Tale and Oryx and Crake
  Political Agendas
  Paolo Bacigalupi and Tobias Buckell
    93   Ryan North              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of To Be or Not To Be
  Choose Your Own Adventure
  Kat Howard, Grady Hendrix, Matt London
    92   Chris Kluwe              Listen at Wired.com
  Professional football player and activist
  Sports in Science Fiction
  Douglas Cohen
    91   Felicia Day              Listen at Wired.com
  Creator of The Guild
  YouTube for Geeks
  Matt London and Cate Matthews
    90   Melissa Marr              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of the Wicked Lovely series
  Weird Western Movies
  Rajan Khanna
    89   Lauren Beukes              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of The Shining Girls
  Psycho Killers
  Ross Lockhart
    88   Annalee Newitz              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of Scatter, Adapt, and Remember
  Rationalism in Science Fiction
  Julia Galef
    87   Alaya Dawn Johnson              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of The Summer Prince
  Star Trek Into Darkness
  E.C. Myers and Emily Asher-Perrin
    86   Rick Yancey              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of The 5th Wave
  Science Fiction Podcasting
  Mur Lafferty
    85   Joe Hill              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of NOS4A2 and Locke & Key
  Recent Horror Movies
  Brittany Geragotelis
    84   Austin Grossman              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of Soon I Will Be Invincible and You
  Video Games
  Ted Kosmatka
    83   Hugh Howey              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of the self-published phenomenon Wool
  Tobias Buckell
    82   Robert J. Sawyer              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of Triggers and Red Planet Blues
  Space Marine Trademark
  Matt London
    81   Nalo Hopkinson              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of Brown Girl in the Ring and Sister Mine
  Weirdest Movies Ever
  Matt London
    80   Gregory Maguire              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of Wicked
  The Wizard of Oz
  Douglas Cohen
    79   Karen Russell              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of Swamplandia! and Vampires in the Lemon Grove
  Weirdest Stories Ever
  Lynne M. Thomas
    78   Jane Yolen              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of over 300 books, including the graphic novel Foiled
  Kat Howard
    77   Brandon Sanderson              Listen at Wired.com
  Author selected to complete Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time
  Robert E. Howard Movie Adaptations
  Douglas Cohen
  Season Three – 2012 (produced for Wired.com):
    76   Philip Pullman              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of The Golden Compass
  The Hobbit Book vs. Film
  Corey Olsen
    75   Lois McMaster Bujold              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of the Vorkosigan Series
  Soldiers in Science Fiction
  Myke Cole
    74   Steven Erikson              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of Malazan Book of the Fallen
  Epic Fantasy Short Fiction
  Douglas Cohen
    73   Cory Doctorow              Listen at Wired.com
  Blogger, activist, and author of Pirate Cinema
  Sex in Science Fiction
  Laura G. Duncan
    72   Daniel Handler              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of the Lemony Snicket A Series of Unfortunate Events books
  Nightmare Magazine
  R.J. Sevin
    71   Mike Mignola              Listen at Wired.com
  Creator of Hellboy
  H.P Lovecraft
  Chris Cevasco
    70   Junot Diaz              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao and “Monstro”
  Meghan McCarron
    69   Tad Williams              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of Otherland and The Dirty Streets of Heaven
  Angels and Heaven
  Genevieve Valentine
    68   Alastair Reynolds              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of Revelation Space and Blue Remembered Earth
  Philip K. Dick Movie Adaptations
  Matt London
    67   Terry Brooks              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of the Shannara and Landover series
  Magic Items
  Matt London
    66   David Brin              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of the Uplift series and Existence
  Rob Bland
    65   Ursula K. Le Guin              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of the Earthsea and Hainish Cycles
  Ray Bradbury
  Rajan Khanna
    64   John Scalzi              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of Old Man’s War and Redshirts
  Star Trek
  E.C. Myers
    63   Seanan McGuire              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of the Newsflesh Trilogy
  Prometheus Movie Review
  Matt London and Theresa DeLucci
    62   Kim Stanley Robinson              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of Red Mars and 2312
  Ecology in SF
  Tobias Buckell
    61   Paul Krugman              Listen at Wired.com
  Nobel Prize-winning economist
  Economics in SF
  Sarah Brand
    60   Brian Greene              Listen at Wired.com
  Theoretical physicist and host of The Fabric of the Cosmos
  Parallel Worlds
    59   Garth Nix              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of Sabriel and A Confusion of Princes
  1980s TV Cartoons
  E.C. Myers
    58   Anne Rice              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of Interview with the Vampire and The Wolf Gift
  Horror and Publishing
  Jordan Hamessley London
    57   Morgan Spurlock              Listen at Wired.com
  Director of Super Size Me and Comic-Con IV: A Fan’s Hope
  Science Fiction Conventions
  Christopher M. Cevasco
    56   Vernor Vinge              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of A Fire Upon the Deep and Rainbows End
  Tobias Buckell Chat
  Tobias S. Buckell
    55   Michael Chabon              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay
  John Carter Movie Review
    54   Robin Hobb              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of the Farseer trilogy and the Rain Wilds chronicles
  Epic Fantasy
  Saladin Ahmed
    53   William Gibson              Listen at Wired.com
  Author of Neuromancer and Distrust That Particular Flavor
  Seth Dickinson
  Season Two – 2011 (produced for io9.com):
    52   Ian McDonald          Play      Download
  Author of The Dervish House and Planesrunner
  Upcoming Movie Adaptations Part 2
  Matt London
    51   Brian Selznick          Play      Download
  Author of The Invention of Hugo Cabret
  Upcoming Movie Adaptations Part 1
  Matt London
    50   Chuck Palahniuk          Play      Download
  Author of Fight Club and Damned
  The Devil & Hell
  Grady Hendrix
    49   R. A. Salvatore          Play      Download
  Creator of the popular dark elf character Drizzt Do’Urden
  Dungeons & Dragons
  James L. Sutter
    48   Lev Grossman          Play      Download
  Author of The Magicians and TIME book critic
  A Dance with Dragons by George R. R. Martin
  Douglas E. Cohen
    47   Neal Stephenson          Play      Download
  Author of Snow Crash and The Diamond Age
  Computer Role-Playing Game Design
  Keith Burgun
    46   Richard Dawkins          Play      Download
  Author of The Selfish Gene and The God Delusion
  Atheism & Science Fiction
    45   Jim Butcher          Play      Download
  Author of The Dresden Files and The Codex Alera
  Nerd Bashing
    44   Charlaine Harris          Play      Download
  Creator of Sookie Stackhouse (star of True Blood)
  Game of Thrones / The Walking Dead / Dexter
    43   China Miéville          Play      Download
  Author of Perdido Street Station and Embassytown
  The New Weird
    42   Eoin Colfer          Play      Download
  Author of Artemis Fowl and And Another Thing
  Douglas Adams
  Christie Yant
    41   Daniel H. Wilson          Play      Download
  Author of Robopocalypse
  The Terminator movies
    40   Genevieve Valentine          Play      Download
  Author of Mechanique
  Bad movies
    39   Simon Pegg          Play      Download
  Star of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and Paul
  Humorous Fantasy & Science Fiction
    38   Ken Denmead          Play      Download
  Editor of the Geek Dad blog on Wired.com
  Are We Living in a Computer Simulation?
    37   Ellen Kushner          Play      Download
  Fantasy novelist and editor of Welcome to Bordertown
  Bias Against Fantasy
    36   Mary Roach          Play      Download
  Author of Stiff, Spook, and Packing for Mars
  Horror in Outer Space
    35   Daniel Abraham          Play      Download
  Author of The Dragon’s Path
  The Game of Thrones TV show
    34   Alan Dean Foster          Play      Download
  Author of Predators I Have Known
  The Predator movies / Animal Characters
    33   Cameron Stracher          Play      Download
  Author of The Water Wars
  Post-apocalyptic Fiction
    32   Neil deGrasse Tyson          Play      Download
  Astrophysicist and author of Death by Black Hole
  I Am Number Four / Astronomy and Science Fiction
    31   Chris Roberson          Play      Download
  Novelist and writer on the Superman comic
    30   Jennifer Ouellette          Play      Download
  Author of The Calculus Diaries
  Fantasy & Science Fiction on TV
    29   Orson Scott Card          Play      Download
  Author of Ender’s Game and The Lost Gate
    28   Jennifer Finney Boylan          Play      Download
  Author of Falcon Quinn and She’s Not There
    27   Ron Gilbert          Play      Download
  Creator of The Secret of Monkey Island
  Adventure Games
    26   Greg Bear          Play      Download
  Author of Eon and Hull Zero Three
  Alien Invasion
    25   Robert Kirkman          Play      Download
  Creator of The Walking Dead
    24   Charles Yu          Play      Download
  Author of How to Live Safely in an SF Universe
  Time Travel
    23   Catherynne M. Valente          Play      Download
  Author of Palimpsest
  New Writers / Pulp Era Mars & Venus
    22   George R. R. Martin          Play      Download
  Author of A Game of Thrones
  The A Song of Ice and Fire series
  Season One – 2010 (produced for Tor.com):
    21   Nnedi Okorafor          Play      Download
  Author of Who Fears Death?
  Africa in Fantasy & Science Fiction
    20   Eli Kintisch          Play      Download
  Author of Hack the Planet
    19   Robin Wasserman          Play      Download
  Author of Frozen (previously Skinned)
  Consciousness Transference
    18   Eric Garcia          Play      Download
  Screenwriter of Repo Men
  Total Recall / Robocop 2 / The Running Man
    17   Naomi Novik          Play      Download
  Author of His Majesty’s Dragon
    16   Jonathan Coulton          Play      Download
  Geek Music
    15   Dan Carlin          Play      Download
  Host of the Hardcore History podcast
  History in Fantasy & Science Fiction
    14   Holly Black          Play      Download
  Author of The Spiderwick Chronicles
  Toys and Miniatures
    13   John Langan          Play      Download
  Author of House of Windows
    12   Corey Olsen          Play      Download
  Host of the Tolkien Professor podcast
  The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings
    11   Alexandre Philippe          Play      Download
  Director of The People vs. George Lucas
  Star Wars
    10   Tom Rogers          Play      Download
  Author of Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics
  Hard Science Fiction
    9   Carrie Vaughn          Play      Download
  Author of the Kitty Norville urban fantasy series
  Vampires and Werewolves
    8   Blake Charlton          Play      Download
  Author of Spellwright, about a dyslexic wizard
  Magic in Fantasy / Medicine in Science Fiction
    7   Steve Eley          Play      Download
  Host of the Escape Pod podcast
  Audio Fiction
    6   Cherie Priest          Play      Download
  Author of Boneshaker
  Sherlock Holmes / Steampunk
    5   Brian Dunning          Play      Download
  Host of the Skeptoid podcast
  Pseudoscience & Skepticism
    4   Marjorie M. Liu          Play      Download
  Novelist and writer on the Dark Wolverine comic
  Comic Books
    3   P. W. Singer          Play      Download
  Author of Wired for War, about military robotics
  Military Science Fiction
    2   Paolo Bacigalupi          Play      Download
  Author of The Windup Girl
  Science Fiction & Education
    1   Chet Faliszek          Play      Download
  Writer on the Left 4 Dead video game
  Zombies / Video Games / The End of the World


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