GGG#14: Holly Black

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Holly Black, author of The Spiderwick Chronicles, joins us to talk about the Spiderwick movie, graphic novels, and D&D.

Panel Topic: Toys and Miniatures

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0:00 Introduction by

0:38 Dave and John introduce the show

Interview: Holly Black

03:22 Interview begins

03:40 Books that made Holly want to be a writer and early influences

05:32 Growing up believing in fairies turns out to be terrifying

08:34 On meeting her collaborator, artist Tony DiTerlizzi, winner of the Caldecott Award

07:29 Holly Black rolls 20s, baby!

10:00 Regarding the movie adaptation of The Spiderwick Chronicles

12:15 Can we look forward to any more Spiderwick?

12:51 Holly’s upcoming graphic novels

16:06 How Holly came to the idea behind her new series The Curse Workers, the first book of which is White Cat

19:38 Holly’s short story collection The Poison Eaters

21:45 A question from Geek’s Guide friend and listener Charles A. Tan: Will Holly set any future stories in the Philippines?

22:14 Holly’s new anthology Zombies vs. Unicorns and her foray into editing

26:01 About the Borderlands series and Holly’s work on the latest anthology

30:04 The upcoming Alpha workshop, and the workshop experience

28:22 Holly’s take on urban fantasy

32:12 End of interview

Dave and John talk about dolls action figures, and why you should put peanut butter on your keyboard

32:11 The things that inspire obsessive learning

35:46 Dolls vs. Action Figures and how it relates to SF writers who claim they don’t write SF

36:44 Dave confesses to his Artisanal Action Figure history

38:21 Imagination as social currency

39:44 The joy of toys

42:09 Moms of the world, take note: those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Back away from your kid’s comic collection NOW

45:46 Hey Listeners: what’s the deal with getting the rights to using action figures in stop-motion animation?

45:35 What John has in common with George R.R. Martin, and how role playing influences creativity

51:22 The peculiar phenomenon that is merchandising based on fiction

52:02 John’s recent trip to Medieval Times and what it clearly lacked

53:21 The writer’s need for a hobby

54:32 What do you do while listening to audiobooks?

56:15 No show would be complete with mentioning Robert Asprin

59:39 The Car Key Fairy, and putting peanut butter on your keyboard

01:01:57 The Comic Geek Speak podcast (it’s Episode 527 you’re looking for) and the Bowling Green degree in Popular Culture

01:03:55 Show wrap-up

Note: John was not able to photograph his miniatures properly. If he ever figures out how to take pictures of them in focus, he promises to post them.

Next week: Dan Carlin, host of the Hardcore History podcast

Thanks for listening!

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