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GGG#15: Dan Carlin

Episode 15 << Click to Listen


Dan Carlin, host of the Hardcore History podcast, joins us to discuss the history of the future, the origins of the centaur legend, and what the Black Death can teach us about postapocalyptic fiction.

Panel Topic: History and Fantasy

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GGG#10: Tom Rogers

Episode 10 << Click to Listen


Tom Rogers, author of Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics, joins us to talk about exploding cars, battles in space, and the problem of scale in the insectoid world.

Panel Topic: Hard Science Fiction

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GGG#5: Brian Dunning

Episode 5 << Click to Listen


Brian Dunning, host of the Skeptoid podcast, joins us to discuss critical thinking and its application in everything from alien abductions to medicine in the movies.

Panel Topic: Pseudoscience and Skepticism

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GGG#3: P. W. Singer

Episode 3 << Click to Listen


P.W. Singer, author of Wired for War, joins us this week to talk about the subject of robots in the military and the intersection between video games and war.

Panel Topic: Robots and Military Science Fiction

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