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Level 5 – Trillians and Trillians ($150)

  66   Anonymous   

Level 4 – Deep Bought ($100)

  34   Michael Duda   As my brother said, “Geek Podcast Gold!”
  1   Anonymous   

Level 3 – Zaphod Beeblebucks ($50)

  71   Vlad Levin   
  70   Janne Juntunen   Thanks for the awesome show!
  32   N H Suffolk   Great podcast. I have discovered many new authors!
  38   Juan Sanmiguel   
  6   Jonathan Giloni   
  47   Christopher Brown   
  46   Anonymous   
  44   Johan Lukas Ahrenberg   Great podcast, though I disagree on lightsabre battles ;)
  39   Thien Nguyen   Fantastic podcast. Inspires me to write.
  26   Isaac Ferris   
  2   James Yingst   
  17   Jeff Spock   
  14   Jesse Knifely   

Level 2 – Afford Prefect ($25)

  45   Andrew Johnson   
  69   Iris Manhold   
  15   Estelle Tidey   
  68   Ruby Gallacher   
  62   Kurt Donaldson   
  36   Shane Stuart   Thanks for a great show. This is my favorite podcast.
  20   Colleen Beier   Thanks for entertaining your fellow geeks!
  59   David Laughrun   
  41   Zach Chapman   
  35   Carl Watson   A literate podcast for actual SF book fans.
  19   Jason Linde   
  63   Paresh Desai   
  28   Charles Floading   
  55   Colin Weidig   
  54   Julian Corpse   Check out my blog
  53   Frank Swanson   
  51   Michael Whitmore   
  49   Brian Carroll   
  43   Daniel Brisebois   
  42   Abigail Drake   
  37   Christine Garcia   You’ve had a wonderful effect on me and my bookshelf!
  33   Aimee Picchi   
  30   Eamon Ansel Roque   
  13   Cyril Simsa   

Level 1 – Arthur Rent

  72   Spencer Gessner   
  57   Scott Oesterling   
  67   Georges P. Turcotte   
  65   Raymond Chan   
  64   Wes Weathersbee   
  61   Leonid Levchenko   
  60   Michael King   
  58   David Croeser   
  56   R. Chris Fore   
  52   Douglas Moran   
  50   Anton Merkt   
  48   Brett Beeching   Love you guys. Keep up the good work.
  40   Carrie Mercer   
  31   aciddome   My reading list exploded because of this great podcast!
  29   Vicki Teinaki   
  27   Russell Leak   Composer, singer/songwriter, guitarist, and producer
  25   Terran McCanna   
  24   Tyler Lutz   Nerd Alert Designs, cute clothes for every girl’s inner nerd!
  23   Jennifer Hamilton   
  22   Earnest Sotirokos   
  21   Aaron Gibbons   
  18   Keith Burchett   
  16   Christian Were   
  12   Alexander Guerrero   
  11   Rachel Halpern   
  10   Nikolaus Herbert   
  9   Dai Jones   Gwynedd Bowmen, archery club in NW Wales & Anglesey
  8   Jorge Canelon   
  7   Jonathan Pottle   
  5   H A A M van der Velden   
  4   Albert Knox   
  3   Paul James Birchenough   

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