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GGG#125: David Cronenberg

Episode 125 << Click to Listen

David Cronenberg, director of Videodrome, Existenz, and A History of Violence, joins us to discuss his first novel Consumed.

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GGG#124: John Cleese

Episode 124 << Click to Listen

John Cleese, star of such classic geek films as Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Monty Python’s Life of Brian, joins us to discuss his new memoir So Anyway….

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GGG#91: Felicia Day


Episode 91 << Click to Listen

Felicia Day, creator of The Guild, joins us to discuss Ultima fan poetry, using restrooms for self-promotion, and the scarcity of porn-free sets in LA.

Panel Topic: YouTube for Geeks

Guest Geeks: Matt London and Cate Matthews

Transcripts are available for this interview and panel.

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GGG#57: Morgan Spurlock


Episode 57 << Click to Listen

Morgan Spurlock, the documentary filmmaker behind Super Size Me and Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, joins us to discuss geek bars, Fresh Balls, and his new movie Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope.

Panel Topic: Science Fiction Conventions

Guest Geek: Christopher M. Cevasco

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GGG#39: Simon Pegg

Episode 39 << Click to Listen


Simon Pegg, star of Shaun of the Dead and Star Trek, joins us to discuss his new memoir, his upcoming films, and the interpersonal dynamics of killing your zombie stepdad.

Panel Topic: Humorous Fantasy and Science Fiction

A transcript is available for this interview.

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GGG#18: Eric Garcia

Episode 18 << Click to Listen


Eric Garcia—screenwriter/author of Repo Men and author of Anonymous Rex and Matchstick Men—joins us to discuss con men, dark comedy, and dinosaurs living among us.

Panel Topic: Total Recall / Robocop 2 / The Running Man

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GGG#11: Alexandre Philippe

Episode 11 << Click to Listen


The People vs. George Lucas director Alexandre Philippe joins us to talk about the film and the love/hate relationship between Star Wars fans and its creator.

Panel Topic: Star Wars

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